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Geotechnical Engineering
A Practical Problem Solving Approach
By Nagaratnam Sivakugan and Braja M. Das
ISBN 978-1-60427-016-7
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JR0167_01 Answers to End-of-chapter Quizzes .doc 89.00 KB **
JR0167_02 Slideshow 1a - Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering .zip 2.09 MB Download here
JR0167_03 Slideshow 1b - Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering .zip 1.48 MB Download here
JR0167_04 Slideshow 1c - Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering .zip 1.93 MB Download here
JR0167_05 Slideshow 2 - Phase Relations .ppt 914.50 KB Download here
JR0167_06 Slideshow 3 - Soil Classification .ppt 1.09 MB Download here
JR0167_07 Slideshow 4 - Clay Mineralogy .ppt 1.42 MB Download here
JR0167_08 Slideshow 5 - Compaction .ppt 1.89 MB Download here
JR0167_09 Slideshow 6 - Who Wants to Be a Geotechnical Engineer .ppt 2.21 MB Download here
JR0167_10 Slideshow 7a - Permeability and Seepage .pdf 281.72 KB Download here
JR0167_11 Slideshow 7b - Permeability and Seepage .pdf 397.65 KB Download here
JR0167_12 Slideshow 8 - Consolidation of Clays .ppt 1.31 MB Download here
JR0167_13 Slideshow 9 - Mohr Circles .ppt 1.22 MB Download here
JR0167_14 Slideshow 10 - Shear Strength of Soils .ppt 1.10 MB Download here
JR0167_15 Slideshow 11 - Lateral Earth Pressures .ppt 1.83 MB Download here
JR0167_16 Slideshow 12 - Site Investigation .pdf 2.24 MB Download here
JR0167_17 Slideshow 13 - Shallow Foundations .pptx 639.69 KB Download here
JR0167_17a Slideshow 14 - Pile Foundations .ppt 4.39 MB Download here
JR0167_18 List of Slideshows .doc 22.50 KB Download here
JR0167_19 Attention Instructors .pdf 34.65 KB Download here
JR0167_20 References .pdf 129.30 KB Download here
JR0167_21 Corrected page 294 .pdf 89.06 KB Download here

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