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Accelerating Lean Six Sigma Results
How to Achieve Improvement Excellence in the New Economy
By Terence T. Burton
ISBN 978-1-60427-054-9
Retail Price: $69.95
Direct Price: $64.95

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JR0549_01 Turbulent Economy Survival Kit .pdf 841.06 KB Download here
JR0549_02 Enabling the Lean Enterprise .pdf 260.80 KB Download here
JR0549_03 Key Models, Templates and Frameworks .pdf 1.51 MB Download here
JR0549_04 Assessment Tools .pdf 224.91 KB Download here
JR0549_05 Business Mastery Model .pdf 763.18 KB Download here
JR0549_06 Critical Lean & Six Sigma Metrics .pdf 67.87 KB Download here
JR0549_07 Improvement Excellence in the Federal Government .doc 1.37 MB Download here
JR0549_08 Industry Week Endicott Presentation .zip 1.84 MB Download here
JR0549_09 SAP Global Lean Summit Presentation .zip 1.99 MB Download here