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Next Level Supply Management Excellence
Your Straight to the Bottom LineĀ® Roadmap
Edited by Robert A. Rudzki & Robert J. Trent
ISBN 978-1-60427-059-4
Retail Price: $49.95
Direct Price: $44.95

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JR0594_01 Action Opportunities - Lean .pdf 104.25 KB Download here
JR0594_02 International Trade Compliance .pdf 559.48 KB Download here
JR0594_03 Comprehensive Energy Management .pdf 485.56 KB Download here
JR0594_04 Opportunity Assessment and Transformation Roadmap .pdf 481.06 KB Download here
JR0594_05 Payment Terms Evaluation Table .pdf 74.59 KB Download here
JR0594_06 S3 Supplier Satisfaction Survey 2011 .pdf 478.42 KB Download here
JR0594_07 Strategic Sourcing & Negotiations Management .pdf 515.90 KB Download here
JR0594_08 Errata .pdf 504.71 KB Download here