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Straight to the Bottom Line®
An Executive's Roadmap to World Class Supply Management
By Robert A. Rudzki, Douglas Smock, Michael Katzorke and Shelley Stewart Jr.
ISBN 978-1-932159-49-3
Retail Price: $44.95
Direct Price: $39.95

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J495_01 Client Survey for Supply Management Departments .pdf 120.70 KB Download here
J495_02 GlobalCPO Interview - Robert Rudzki .pdf 116.35 KB Download here
J495_03 GlobalCPO Interview - Avner Schneur .pdf 112.46 KB Download here
J495_04 GlobalCPO Interview - Siemens .pdf 65.52 KB Download here
J495_05 Lost Opportunity Calculator .xls 20.50 KB Download here
J495_06 Strategic Sourcing Compliance Multiplier .pdf 94.36 KB Download here
J495_07 Strategic Sourcing Roadmap .pdf 62.39 KB Download here
J495_09 SAS Institute Description .pdf 18.15 KB Download here
J495_10 Greybeard Assessment Roadmap 2010 .pdf 469.61 KB Download here
J495_11 Greybeard SSNM Training & Mentoring 2010 .pdf 505.56 KB Download here