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Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2007
The Book By and For Professionals
By Rodolfo Ambriz, PMP, MCTS, MCITP
ISBN 978-1-932159-87-5
Retail Price: $74.95
Direct Price: $64.95

Downloads for "Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2007"

Name Description File type File Size
J875_01 Certified Schedules Introduction .pdf 57.41 KB Download here
J875_02 Certified Schedules - Automotive .zip 269.47 KB Download here
J875_03 Certified Schedules - Construction .zip 170.47 KB Download here
J875_04 Certified Schedules - Hardware .zip 436.04 KB Download here
J875_05 Certified Schedules - Home .zip 444.62 KB Download here
J875_06 Certified Schedules - New Product .zip 156.20 KB Download here
J875_07 Certified Schedules - Plant Development .zip 479.95 KB Download here
J875_08 Certified Schedules - Project Management .zip 387.51 KB Download here
J875_09 Certified Schedules - Regulation .zip 50.02 KB Download here
J875_10 Certified Schedules - Software Development .zip 1.15 MB Download here
J875_11 Certified Schedules - Software Implementation .zip 1.41 MB Download here
J875_12 Certified Schedules - Training .zip 495.72 KB Download here
J875_13 Exercise Files .zip 1.84 MB Download here
J875_14 IIL Project 2007 Tools .mpp 339.50 KB Download here
J875_15 Solutions Guide for Questions in Dynamic Scheduling 2007 .pdf 178.19 KB **

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