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Managing Stakeholder Expectations for Project Success
A Knowledge Integration Framework and Value Focused Approach
By Ori Schibi, PMP
ISBN 978-1-60427-086-0
Retail Price: $59.95
Direct Price: $49.95

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JR0860_00 Customizable PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Word templates and tools of the below PDFs to help your organization ensure projects meet stakeholders expectations Purchase here
JR0860_01 Areas of Focus--Stakeholders Presentation .pdf 0.65 MB Download here
JR0860_02 Communication Plan Components .pdf 0.06 MB Download here
JR0860_03 Complexity Questions by Attribute .pdf 0.12 MB Download here
JR0860_04 Kick-off Meeting Checklist .pdf 0.08 MB Download here
JR0860_05 Kick-off Meeting Potential Benefits .pdf 0.09 MB Download here
JR0860_06 Project Pre-kickoff Meeting Questions .pdf 0.11 MB Download here
JR0860_07 Quality Management Plan .pdf 0.11 MB Download here
JR0860_08 RBS Extensions Presentation .pdf 0.67 MB Download here
JR0860_09 Readiness Questions by Category .pdf 4.18 MB Download here
JR0860_10 RIsk Focus Areas by Category .pdf 0.13 MB Download here