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Procurement Project Management Success
Achieving a Higher Level of Effectiveness
By Diana L. Lindstrom
ISBN 978-1-60427-089-1
Retail Price: $44.95
Direct Price: $39.95

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JR0891_00 Appendix C: RFP for Janitorial Services is offered in Microsoft® Word format for your customization. This 38-page download available for purchase, includes customizable tools and templates Purchase here
JR0891_01 How to Create a Gantt Chart Using MS Excel for Mac 2011 .pdf 6.74 MB Download here
JR0891_02 RFP for Janitorial Services .pdf 0.44 MB Download here
JR0891_03 Complete Janitorial Services Procurement Plan .pdf 0.21 MB Download here
JR0891_04 Complete Janitorial Services Schedule Budget .xls 0.03 MB Download here
JR0891_05 Figure 4-9: Gantt Chart Case Example 2 --Janitorial Services .pdf 0.11 MB Download here