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Achieving Project Management Success Using Virtual Teams

By Dr. Parviz Rad and Ginger Levin
ISBN 1-932159-03-7
Retail Price: $49.95
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J03701PDF 360-Degree Assessment Tool .pdf 34.20 KB Download here
J03702PDF Collaborative Leadership Instrument .pdf 5.94 KB Download here
J03703PDF Effectiveness of Team Meetings .pdf 3.89 KB Download here
J03704PDF Motivation Assessment Instrument .pdf 24.53 KB Download here
J03705PDF Project Charter .pdf 4.50 KB Download here
J03706PDF Project Success Assessment .pdf 33.73 KB Download here
J03707PDF Team Charter .pdf 3.89 KB Download here
J03708PDF Virtual Team Maturity .pdf 16.61 KB Download here