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Organizational Project Portfolio Management
A Practitioner’s Guide
By Dr. Prasad S. Kodukula, PMP, PgMP
ISBN 978-1-932159-42-4
Retail Price: $59.95
Direct Price: $49.95

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J424_00 Scoring models, project rankings and comparison tools, DCF and sensitivity analysis, and Appendix A formulas and calculations ready for immediate use Purchase here
J424_01 Figure 11-5—Financial Calculations .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_02 Table 12-5—Portfolio Dashboard .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_03 Table 12-6—Portfolio Scorecard .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_04 Table 14-1—Bottom-up Cost Estimate - Project Delta .xlsx 0.02 MB Download here
J424_05 Table 14-2—Time-based Budget - Project Delta .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_06 Table 14-4—EVM Data - Project Delta .xlsx 0.02 MB Download here
J424_07 Table 14-5—EVM formulas .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_08 Table 14-6—ETC Formulas & Project Delta Future Performance Estimators .xlsx 0.02 MB Download here
J424_09 Table 14-7—Portfolio EVM Data .xlsx 0.02 MB Download here
J424_10 Table 15-1—Example Calculation for Resource Utilization Rate .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_11 Table 15-2—Example of a Resource’s Time Breakdown .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_12 Table 15-3—Example Project Resource Requirements Plan .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_13 Table 15-4—Example Resource Skills Matrix .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_14 Table 15-5—Example Resource Loading Chart .xlsx 0.01 MB Download here
J424_15 Table 15-6—Example Resource Management Plan .xlsx 0.02 MB Download here