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Project Quality Management, Second Edition
Why, What and How
By Kenneth H. Rose, PMP
ISBN 978-1-60427-102-7
Retail Price: $37.95
Direct Price: $34.95

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JR1027_00 Customizable presentations with 270+ slides and additional support materials. (Academic professors adopting this book should email customerservice@jrosspub.com for information on receiving this material for free.) Purchase here
JR1027_001 Preview a sample of instructional slides (from module 3) included in Project Quality Management, Second Edition, course materials. .pdf 0.49 MB Download here
JR1027_01 Full Analytical Criteria Method .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
JR1027_02 Red Bead Experiment Guidance .pdf 0.28 MB Download here
JR1027_03 Quality Assurance Plan Template .pdf 0.18 MB Download here
JR1027_04 Practical Exercise Tool Tips .pdf 0.24 MB Download here
JR1027_05 L-Shaped Matrix Template .pdf 0.18 MB Download here
JR1027_06 Instructor Guidance .pdf 0.48 MB Download here