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Effective Complex Project Management
An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value
By Robert K. Wysocki, Ph.D.
ISBN 978-1-60427-100-3
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JR1003_00 233 instructional slides and tools on Effective Complex Project Management for instructors, trainers, consultants and practitioners Purchase here
JR1003_00sample ECPM instructional slides sample .ppt 3.56 MB Download here
JR1003_01 SPT Assessment Tool Overview .pdf 0.12 MB Download here
JR1003_02 ECPM Instructional Slide Overview .pdf 0.36 MB Download here
JR1003_03 ACPF Process Flow Diagram .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
JR1003_04 The Project Landscape .pdf 0.08 MB Download here
JR1003_05 Five project categories mapped into four quadrant project landscape .pdf 0.09 MB Download here
JR1003_06 POS (Problem/Opportunity Statement) template with sample data .pdf 0.12 MB Download here
JR1003_07 Project Management Lifecycle (PMLC) model types .pdf 0.11 MB Download here
JR1003_08 Project landscape comparison .pdf 0.1 MB Download here
JR1003_09 PMLC models comparison .pdf 0.12 MB Download here
JR1003_10 Managing Project Complexity Workshop Description .doc 0.03 MB Download here