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Innovation for Media Content Creation
Tools and Strategies for Delivering Successful Content
By Marlon Quintero
ISBN 978-1-60427-104-1
Retail Price: $49.95
Direct Price: $39.95

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JR1041_01 Pre-Bible Check List Fiction .pdf 0.26 MB Download here
JR1041_02 Pre-Bible Check List Non-Fiction .pdf 0.2 MB Download here
JR1041_03 Submission Release Letter .pdf 0.17 MB Download here
JR1041_04 Content Innovation Value Chain Status Worksheet .xls 0.03 MB Download here
JR1041_06 Evaluation Form - Fiction .pdf 0.2 MB Download here
JR1041_07 Coverage Form Entertainment Programming .pdf 0.17 MB Download here
JR1041_08 Creative and Production Database .xls 0.02 MB Download here
JR1041_09 Innovation Team Members Matrix .xls 0.02 MB Download here
JR1041_10 31-Slide Keynote Presentation-Innovation For Media Content Creation .pdf 8.99 MB Download here
JR1041_11 Discovery Circle .jpg 0.05 MB Download here
JR1041_12 Circle of Content Innovation .jpg 0.05 MB Download here