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Procurement at a Crossroads
Career-Impacting Insights into a Rapidly Changing Industry
By Jon Hansen and Kelly Barner
ISBN 978-1-60427-117-1
Retail Price: $39.95
Direct Price: $34.95

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JR1171_01 The Purchasing Professional’s 10 Commandments .pdf 0.16 MB Download here
JR1171_02 Survey results of CFO’s View of Procurement .pdf 0.07 MB Download here
JR1171_03 Purchasing and Supply Management Salaries by Point of Entry, 2015 .pdf 0.21 MB Download here
JR1171_04 Supply Market Intelligence process diagram guides procurement pros through the gathering of intelligence for informed sourcing decisions & development of negotiation strategies .pdf 0.23 MB Download here
JR1171_05 Link-Interview with Rob Handfield, Author, Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain at North Carolina State University, Exec. Director Supply Chain .pdf 0.42 MB Download here
JR1171_06 Link to Interview-The 3 Most Important Questions for 2015: with Kate Vitasek, Author, educator and architect of the Vested business model, and Phil Coughlin, President of Global Geographies and Operations for Expeditors International .pdf 0.41 MB Download here
JR1171_07: Link to interview with Thomas Derry, CEO of the Institute for Supply Management® (ISM®): The Three Most Important Questions For 2015 .pdf 0.32 MB Download here
JR1171_08 A link to: Procurement Insights, a blog by author Jon Hansen and stay up to date on the procurement world .pdf 0.36 MB Download here
JR1171_09 Link to Buyers Meeting Point, an online reference for procurement and supply chain professionals, Edited by Kelly Barner .pdf 0.33 MB Download here
JR1171_10 A link to PI Window on the World, on Blog Talk Radio with interviews by host Jon Hansen .pdf 0.29 MB Download here
JR1171_11 Link to Blog Talk Radio, Jon Hansen interviews BMP Radio’s host Kelly Barner .pdf 0.28 MB Download here