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LEAN Manufacturing Implementation
A Complete Execution Manual for Any Size Manufacturer
By Dennis P. Hobbs
ISBN 978-1-932159-14-1
Retail Price: $54.95
Direct Price: $44.95

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J142.doc.009 Lean Manufacturing Glossary .doc 94.50 KB Download here
J142.xls.003 Linearity Report Sample .xls 2.45 MB Download here
J142.xls.10 Input-Output Linear Variance Report .xls 58.00 KB Download here
J142_09 Common Formulas .pdf 67.50 KB Download here
J142_10 Milestone Checklist .pdf 107.64 KB Download here
J142_11 Kanban Sizing Report .xls 1,017.00 KB Download here
J142_12 Performa SBA and Template .xls 224.50 KB Download here
J142_13 Sequence of Events Template .pdf 35.80 KB Download here
J142_14 Mfg Matters Value Added Services .doc 34.50 KB Download here
J142_15 Lean Manufacturing Explained .ppt 1.63 MB Download here