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Distressed Debt Analysis
Strategies for Speculative Investors
By Stephen G. Moyer
ISBN 1-932159-18-5
Retail Price: $119.95
Direct Price: $99.95

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J185_01 Confidentiality Agreement .pdf 0.1 MB Download here
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J185_03 Reorganization Plan Sample .pdf 0.21 MB Download here
J185_04 Bond Covenant Sample .pdf 0.17 MB Download here
J185_05 Bank Loan Participation Agreement .pdf 0.15 MB Download here
J185_06 Due Diligence Checklist .pdf 0.08 MB Download here
J185_07 Distressed Debt Analysis Glossary .pdf 0.18 MB Download here
J185_08 Projection Model .xls 0.13 MB Download here