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Six Sigma for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations
Success through Scaleable Deployment
By Terence T. Burton and Jeff L. Sams
ISBN 1-932159-21-5
Retail Price: $49.95
Direct Price: $44.95

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J215_01 DMAIC Chart .pdf 124.21 KB Download here
J215_02 DMAIC Template .pdf 115.74 KB Download here
J215_03 Future of Six Sigma .pdf 144.62 KB Download here
J215_04 Lean-Six Sigma Integration .pdf 215.08 KB Download here
J215_05 Six Sigma Assessment Process .pdf 117.05 KB Download here
J215_06 Six Sigma - Lessons from the Trenches .pdf 187.53 KB Download here
J215_07 Sixteen Key Requirements for Six Sigma Success .pdf 108.76 KB Download here