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ROI of Software Process Improvement
Metrics for Project Managers and Software Engineers
By David F. Rico
ISBN 978-1-932159-24-0
Retail Price: $59.95
Direct Price: $49.95

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J24X01XLS CMMI Cost Model .xls 148.00 KB Download here
J24X02XLS ISO 9001 Cost Model .xls 85.50 KB Download here
J24X03doc ROI Article .doc 152.00 KB Download here
J24X04XLS ROI Model Detailed .xls 93.50 KB Download here
J24X05XLS ROI Model High Level .xls 66.50 KB Download here
J24X06XLS SW-CMM Cost Model .xls 78.50 KB Download here
J24Xdoc2 IDEF0 Methodology Pay Download Description .doc 64.50 KB Download here