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Project Scheduling and Cost Control
Planning, Monitoring and Controlling the Baseline
By James Taylor
ISBN 978-1-932159-11-0
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J118_00 Customizable project scheduling and cost control tools and templates in MS Word for project planning, monitoring and controlling the baseline; PowerPoint presentation highlights critical points. These are customizable versions of the PDFs below Purchase here
J118_01 Change Control Form .pdf 0.12 MB Download here
J118_02 Communication Plan .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
J118_03 Contract Closeout Checklist .pdf 0.15 MB Download here
J118_04 Final Project Report Outline .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
J118_05 Lessons Learned Checklist and Document Format .pdf 0.17 MB Download here
J118_06 Negotiation Planning Checklist .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
J118_07 Project Charter Format .pdf 0.19 MB Download here
J118_08 Project Estimating Worksheet .pdf 0.19 MB Download here
J118_09 Project Plan Outline .pdf 0.14 MB Download here
J118_10 Project Status Report .pdf 0.15 MB Download here
J118_12 Requirements Analysis Worksheet .pdf 0.17 MB Download here
J118_14 Schedule and Cost Control Presentation .pdf 0.46 MB Download here
J118_15 Work Breakdown Structure Dictionary .pdf 0.03 MB Download here