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Practical Production Control
A Survival Guide for Planners and Schedulers
By Kenneth N. McKay and Vincent C.S. Wiers
ISBN 1-932159-30-4
Retail Price: $54.95
Direct Price: $49.95

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J304-1.doc Chapter 1 - Production Control Profile .doc 802.00 KB Download here
J304-2.doc Chapter 3 - Objectives and Roles .doc 743.00 KB Download here
J304-3.doc Chapter 4 - Functions .doc 690.50 KB Download here
J304-4.doc Chapter 5 - Tasks .doc 796.00 KB Download here
J304-5.doc Chapter 7 - Information Used .doc 665.00 KB Download here
J304-5.doc Chapter 10 - Acquisition Checklists .doc 579.50 KB Download here