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Project Valuation Using Real Options
A Practitioner’s Guide
By Dr. Prasad Kodukula and Chandra Papudesu
ISBN 978-1-932159-43-1
Retail Price: $54.95
Direct Price: $49.95

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J118_13 Risk Management Contingency Plan Worksheet .pdf 0.13 MB Download here
J436_01 Chapter 2 Downloads .zip 273.45 KB Download here
J436_02 Chapter 5 Downloads .zip 193.62 KB Download here
J436_03 Chapter 6 Downloads .zip 566.63 KB Download here
J436_04 Chapter 7 Downloads .zip 49.59 KB Download here
J436_05 Chapter 8 Downloads .zip 44.05 KB Download here
J436_06 Solutions to End-of-Chapter Problems - Chapters 1-6 .zip 1.08 MB Download here
J436_07 Solutions to End-of-Chapter Problems - Chapter 7 .zip 778.95 KB Download here
J436_08 Solutions to End-of-Chapter Problems - Chapter 8 .zip 818.85 KB Download here