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Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO

Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO

Multiplying ROI at Warp Speed
By Gerry Kendall and Steve Rollins
Hardcover, 6x9, 448 pages
ISBN: 978-1-932159-02-8
April 2003

LEARN & EARN: Get 8.4 PDUs in the PMI skill areas of Technical or Strategic and Business Management Skills

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"This is not only the most comprehensive book ever published on the subject, but it should certainly become the standard for PMO development for years to come. If your organization has a need for developing a PMO, this book should be required reading for all executives."

--Harold Kerzner, Best-Selling Author and President, Project Management Associates
About the Item

Official reference material for the Portfolio Management Professional (PfMP)SM Credential Examination

This comprehensive book presents a road map for the achievement of high value enterprise strategies and superior project management results. It provides methods for best project selection, faster completion, optimal project portfolio management, and how to explicitly measure the PMO for rapidly increasing project ROI.

The Project/Program Management Office (PMO) is the fastest growing concept in project management today and is key to effective implementation of project management across the organization. To keep pace with customer expectations, competition, and economic conditions in the fast-paced global economy, organizations must do more using fewer resources. Advanced Project Portfolio Management and the PMO shows you how to turn your PMO into a value machine.

Key Features
  • Covers the strategy, tactics, and processes needed for successful project portfolio management
  • Discusses how the PMO can effectively influence project teams and their team members to consistently seek out delivery acceleration opportunities and/or delivery threats relative to their work and the overall mission of the project team
  • Provides a detailed plan for both strategic planning and a PMO
  • Reviews the most popular EPM tools and provides a way to evaluate PMO implementation using a PMO Maturity Model
  • Illustrates how Six Sigma and the PMO can support each other and be used to drive bottom-line value
  • Includes real PMO case studies detailing techniques that have helped businesses grow and kept them at the top in their industry
  • Presents the new Theory of Constraints 4x4 method of strategic planning and the Critical Chain Multi-Project Management approach
  • WAV offers downloadable templates, models, assessment tools, and plans, including a detailed plan using Microsoft Project for implementing a PMO that covers the first two years of operation and details over 450 tasks — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com
  • About the Author(s)
    Gerald I. Kendall, PMP, has over 30 years of related experience and is President of MarketKey, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in the fields of project management and constraints management (TOC). He is a noted author, management consultant, public speaker, and training expert and an active member of PMI.

    Steven C. Rollins, MBA, PMP, a well-known leading expert in Enterprise Program/Project Management Office, is co-founder of the PMOUSA Network. Steve recently led the deployment of www.pmousa.com, which was launched as a free information source to PMOs in the United States. Plans are in the works to expand this important service worldwide. Mr. Rollins is the Executive Chair for the Mid America PMO Regional Group that operates as a chapter of the PMI PMO Specific Industry Group. As the former Knowledge Vice-Chair for the PMI Metrics SIG, Steve was responsible for leading the framework development and rollout of the first ever comprehensive project management metrics Knowledge Center in 2002. This leading expert is also a featured speaker to many organizations.
    Table of Contents

    Foreword by Harold Kerzner, Ph.D. 
    Part I - Setting the Stage for a Successful PMO Implementation
    Chapter 1 - Introduction
    Chapter 2 - Why PMO Implementations Fail
    Chapter 3 - What Should a High Value PMO Do?
    Chapter 4 - Moving Project Management from the Cost Model to the Throughput Model
    Part II - Strategic Planning: Choosing the Right Project Mix
    Chapter 5 - The Number One Reason for Project Manager Stress
    Chapter 6 - Applying Deming, Goldratt, and Six Sigma to Systems Thinking
    Chapter 7 - The 8 Major Subsystems that Strategic Planning and Project Management Must Address
    Chapter 8 - The 4x4 Approach to Strategic Planning
    Chapter 9 - The Right Marketing Projects
    Chapter 10 - Securing the Future: The 10-year Advantage Via Theory of Constraints
    Part III - The PMO in Detail
    Chapter 11 - The Governance Board and Prioritization Management
    Chapter 12 - Linking Project Progress to Strategic Objectives
    Chapter 13 - Delivery Management and Acceleration
    Chapter 14 - Project Portfolio Management
    Chapter 15 - Resource Portfolio Management
    Chapter 16 - Asset Portfolio Management
    Chapter 17 - Managing the Multi-Project Environment - The Critical Chain Approach
    Chapter 18 - Reducing Negative Human Behavior
    Chapter 19 - PMO Organizational Models
    Chapter 20 - PMO Roles and Responsibilities
    Chapter 21 - Inputs and Outputs to a PMO
    Chapter 22 - PMO Measurement System
    Chapter 23 - EPM Tools and Their Value on Project Delivery
    Chapter 24 - PMO, PMI and the PMBOK
    Part IV - Implementing a PMO
    Chapter 25 - The Executive Proposal in Detail
    Chapter 26 - Obtaining Executive Buy-In
    Chapter 27 - The PMO Value Proposition Maturity Model
    Chapter 28 - The Road Map to Implementing a PMO Executive Will Embrace
    Chapter 29 - Sustaining the PMO Value
    Chapter 30 - Conclusions
    Appendix A - The PMO Maturity Model

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