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Best Practices for Sustainable Building Design

Best Practices in Sustainable Building Design e-book

Includes an interactive DVD
By Shahin Vassigh, Ebru Özer, and Thomas Spiegelhalter
Adaptive Learning Module
ISBN: 978-1-60427-068-6-e
November 2012

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About the Item

This ebook is exclusively for university students. Once students purchase this ebook, they will receive a link shortly after from our hosting partner for access to it.  Please make sure you use your school email address upon checkout.

This unique book and DVD is an interactive learning environment composed of seven content areas: building form, envelopes, structures, climate control systems, renewable energy, lighting, and landscape design. Each of these content areas is subdivided into learning modules introducing the subject matter and investigates best practices for climate responsive and ecologically sustainable building design and construction. The DVD will help visualize and engage with concepts that may otherwise be too ambiguous or difficult to comprehend in a book format.

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