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If It Ain't Broke, Fix It Anyway

If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway

Tools to Build Indestructible Projects with Enduring Results
Marc Resch, PMP
Softcover, 6x9, 216 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-154-6
June 2018

LEARN & EARN: Get 6.2 PDUs in the PMI skill areas of Leadership or Strategic and Business Management Skills

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“Adaptive leadership and project management have a natural synergy which is captured quite well in this page-turner. Any business professional interested in executing flawless change initiatives should definitely pick up a copy of this book!”

Brigid Buchheit Carney, PMP, LSSMBB, Head of Operations, Group Insurance, The Argus Group

About the Item

Projects are volatile endeavors filled with uncertainties, dependencies, contingencies, and risks. They require not only strategic, business-focused leadership to drive results, but also nimble and adaptive approaches in the face of increasing business uncertainty. Projects that limp along without the required adjustments and improvements suck the lifeblood out of companies. In this competitive new world economy, our project management mantra must shift from “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” to If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway.

This insightful and entertaining book will teach readers to be business savvy strategic corporate thinkers and planners, strong and practical project managers and leaders, and effective problem solvers and change agents focused on the bottom line.

Key Features
  • Equips project managers and business professionals with the skills and knowledge required to deliver business value to their organizations from their project investments
  • Instructs professionals on how to become nimble and adaptive in the face of business and economic uncertainty to drive and continuously improve their projects to achieve maximum returns
  • Presents a structured approach to incorporating strategic and quantitative methods to achieve, and even exceed, forecasted business objectives
  • Provides the tools and techniques necessary to become business improvement change agents and project turnaround specialists
  • WAV offers downloadable RASCI Matrix, Business Case, Benefits Realization Plan, and Cash Flow Model templates and a Strategic Project Management Checklist to help users maximize results—available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com
  • About the Author(s)

    Marc Resch, PMP, is the President of Resch Group (www.reschgroup.com), whose mission is to transform individuals and organizations into strategic value creators. Their specialty is assisting individuals and companies to generate optimal and sustainable business results from their project and training investments. Marc’s company is also is a Registered Education Provider (REP) of the Project Management Institute (PMI) offering training courses in the areas of strategy, project and financial management, and process improvement.
    Resch is a recognized thought leader, subject matter expert, and author of the best-selling Strategic Project Management Transformation with decades of experience working with business leaders and organizations of all sizes, providing expertise around strategy, projects and processes. Additionally, he works closely with a variety of clients to develop and deliver customized workshops and training programs to meet long term strategic needs. He regularly keynotes and speaks at conferences, forums, and corporate and industry events on a variety of topics.

    Resch graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and received an MBA from the University of North Carolina and an MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology. He is an adjunct professor in the areas of business strategy, organizational theory and design, and organizational leadership. Marc can be reached at marc@reschgroup.com.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Time for a New Project Mindset

    Current State of Affairs

    If It Ain’t Broke

    Project Management Is #%&@#% Hard!

    It’s About the Business, Not the Methodology

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 2: Project Alignment to Corporate Strategy

    It All Begins with the Mission

    Strategic Alignment to the Mission

    Business Objectives Outrank All Other Objectives

    The Pareto Principle

    But, the Cost of Doing Business

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 3: Relentless Engagement

    Mission First, People Always

    Delegating Is Not Abdicating Responsibility

    Manage Up, Not Just Down

    Mobilize and Remobilize Commitment

    Escalate but Never Cry Wolf

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 4: Plan, Adapt, and if Necessary, Change

    Plans Are Useless but Planning Is Indispensable

    The Bunny and the Berry—Case Studies

    Don’t Change for the Sake of Change

    BAU Process Improvement May Be the Required Fix

    Assess the Cultural Appetite for Change and Act Accordingly

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 5: The Business Case—Your Most Important Tool

    It’s the North Star of Project Investments

    It Calculates Hard Cash

    It Calculates Yearly Rates of Return

    It Calculates Your Project’s Black Friday

    It Calculates ROI

    It’s a Living Document that Drives Value

    Uh Oh, There’s No Business Case!

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 6: Have an Insatiable Thirst for Feedback

    Check Your Ego at the Door

    Perform Voice of the Customer

    Specify Value from the Perspective of the Customer

    Perform Lessons Learned Throughout the Project

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 7: Strengthen the Foundation of Your Project

    Establish (and Reestablish) Laser Focus

    Identify and Fix Root Causes

    Don’t Just Communicate, Communicate with Substance

    Evaluate and Enhance Project Artifacts

    Perform a SWOT Analysis

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 8: Establish and Enhance the Benefits Realization

    Plan and Processes

    Where We’re Falling Short

    The Value-Driven Life Cycle

    Constructing the Benefits Realization Plan

    Example Benefits Realization Plan

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 9: Strategically Transform Your Project

    Make Strategic Decisions Based upon Changing Circumstances

    Start with the End Goal and Plan Backward

    Revitalize the Plan

    Rebuild the Team with the Power of RASCI

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Chapter 10: Possess an Incessant Focus on the Business

    Know More than Anybody Else—You’re in Charge

    Standardize and Optimize Future State Business Processes

    Focus on Business Quality, Not Arbitrary Quantity

    Implement Mistake Proofing Throughout the Business

    Reduce Interruptions and Context Switches

    Be a Positive Force for Business Change

    Chapter Recap: Choose the Right Tool for the Job at Hand


    Appendix A: Strategic Project Management Checklist



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