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Winning E-Learning Proposals

Winning E-Learning Proposals

The Art of Development and Delivery
By Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D.
Hardcover, 6x9, 336 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-04-5
May 2003

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About the Item

Because it gives you everything you need to successfully secure e-learning business, Winning E-Learning Proposals: The Art of Development and Delivery is the book your competitors don’t want you to have. No other book describes the entire process for securing e-learning business, from conceptualizing winning ideas to writing and delivering successful e-learning proposals. Author Karl Kapp draws on his considerable experience, and that of other leading experts, to provide the principles needed to conceptualize an idea, write a proposal, and present the information to the prospective client. This guide gives you the competitive edge in developing high-level strategies and selling “themes” that will make your e-learning proposal unique, effective, exciting, and — most importantly — a winner.

Key Features
  • Provides practical tips and techniques for conceptualizing winning ideas, writing winning proposals, and staging winning presentations
  • Delineates the ten steps in the E-Learning Business Acquisition Process and illustrates how to make significant profits in the competitive e-learning industry using Kapp’s proven methods for effective proposals
  • Covers e-learning standards, certifications, budget concerns, ROI, legal considerations, and project management
  • Demonstrates how to win business from organizations that need e-learning to solve their problems and make a solid business case to internally sell e-learning to top executives
  • Includes checklists, actual examples from successful e-learning proposals, and real cases where these methods have led to success
  • WAV downloadable sample templates, worksheets, RFPs, bidder’s conference questions, and proposals — available from the Web Added Value™ Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com
  • About the Author(s)
    Karl M. Kapp, Ed.D., CFPIM, CIRM, is a leading expert in the field of e-learning, Assistant Director of the well-known and prestigious Institute for Interactive Technologies and Associate Professor at Bloomsburg University, where he teaches classes on writing winning e-learning proposals. Dr. Kapp earned his doctorate of education in Instructional Technology from the University of Pittsburgh. He is an experienced practitioner and consultant on retainer with several e-learning software firms and is the software editor of the trade magazine APICS -The Performance Advantage. Dr. Kapp has hundreds of published articles to his credit and has published several successful books. He is a popular speaker at both national and international learning conferences.
    Table of Contents
    Foreword by Kevin Oakes
    Preliminary Work
    The E-Learning Business Acquisition Process
    Receiving the RFP
    Reviewing the RFP
    Defining the Problem
    Conceptualizing a Winning Solution
    Good Writing Is Essential
    Charts, Graphs, Illustrations, and Other Eye Catchers, by Richard Peck
    Team Writing
    The Proposal Document
    Front Matter
    Executive Summary
    Description of Problem/Overview of Solution
    Project Management and Schedule Budget
    Calculating Return on Investment, by Nancy Vasta
    Corporate Capabilities
    The Appendix
    Presenting the Proposal
    Presenting a Winning Proposal
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