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Digital Project Management Instructor Materials

Digital Project Management Instructor Materials

Downloadable Product
By Taylor Olson, PMP
December 2015

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Retail Price: $35.00
Direct Price: $30.00

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"...I love the WAV feature of this J Ross Publishing book, Digital Project Management,  which includes over 16 downloadable files dealing with all of the necessary steps, example plans, stakeholder lists, budget estimates, schedules and multiple reports....I will be suggesting this book to all of the freelancers I deal with, small business startups as well as PM’s that deal with digital or general project management. Following these steps will save you so much time in the end as well as the money that is wasted from reworks and mistakes." — Hamid Timothy Soheili, President/CEO, Automata Web Services (As reviewed in PM World Journal, Jan. 2016) 

About the Item

A companion to the book, this 400+ slide deck (with each slide offering notes for instructors, to guide discussion), closely follows and enhances the material presented in the book Digital Project Management: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to a Successful Launch and incorporate exercises, participant discussions and collaboration.

Academic professors adopting this book should email customerservice@jrosspub.com for information about receiving the Instructor materials for free.  

The following supplemental tools and templates are available for downloading in the J. Ross Publishing WAV section, at no charge

  • Printable PDF files for the engagement process, change control process, and the digital rollout process checklist
  • Editable Word files for the business requirements document and status reports
  • The digital project schedule followed throughout the book is provided in both MS Project and Excel
  • Cutover management tools including a 301 redirects example and complete cutover plan
  • Editable templates for budget estimates, change control log, content tracker, issues log, risk register, stakeholder list, and user test scripts
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