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Global Complex Project Management

Global Complex Project Management

An Integrated Adaptive Agile and PRINCE2 Lean Framework for Achieving Success
By Robert K. Wysocki and Colin Bentley
Hardcover, 6 x 9, 368 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-126-3
September 2016

LEARN & EARN: Get 7.2 PDUs in the PMI skill areas of Technical, Leadership or Strategic and Business Management Skills

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“The growth of data, the integration of customers in business processes, and the need for custom solutions has made projects more complex and their products shorter lived. We now need lean, agile, and adaptive tools that are effective in building complex solutions quickly. Wysocki and Bentley offer just such an approach by combining two road-tested frameworks.”
Todd C. Williams, President, eCameron, Inc., USA

“Tailoring PRINCE2 to the needs of the project has always been a challenge and aligning PRINCE2 and Agile has been awkward. This book offers us a solution in the form of an easy-to-use and effective approach called PRINCE2 LEAN that fits like a glove.”
Richard Weber, PMP, PRINCE2, Managing Director, Key Result BV, Netherlands

About the Item

This completely unique reference is from two recognized thought leaders and developers of proven approaches within the diverse world and practices of project management. It provides a new and innovative framework for more effectively managing complex and mission critical projects to deliver maximum business value to organizations in both the public and private sectors around the globe. The authors draw on the strengths of different schools of thought, including their own, and best practices to develop an integrated framework that is lean, agile, flexible, and adaptable to virtually any complex project.

Key Features
  • Presents a project framework that illustrates the what, why, and how of what must be done to deliver better and higher quality solutions and increased business value over an alternate approach
  • Designs the best-fit approach to managing complexity and uncertainty, aligned with the seven lean principles of continuous innovation, that embraces all project management methodologies and is driven totally by the characteristics of the project, its internal organizational environment and culture, and changing external market dynamics
  • Supplies processes and practices for establishing and sustaining meaningful client involvement, utilizing a new brainstorming process and a co-manager model that from a product perspective gives a client the authority and decision-making responsibility equal to the typical project manager
  • Transfers the knowledge needed to apply the decision-making authority of the co-managers to maximize the probability of project success and the delivery of expected business value
  • Utilizes innovative Probative Swim Lanes to investigate feasible ideas, a Project Scope Bank to facilitate good decision making, and lean principles to conserve resource capacity and availabilities
  • Provides a robust product-based planning process template which uses a just-in-time approach focused primarily on the quality and business value of the delivered products
  • Includes a unique bundled lean change management process that is open, simple, and relatively painless for assuring better decision making with respect to analyzing, approving, and prioritizing change
  • Discusses how to develop or expand the role of an existing PMO to properly support the PRINCE2 Lean Framework
  • WAV offers downloadable slide presentations for use in training and academic instruction that visually depict and briefly explain the P2 Lean Framework and associated processes—available from the Web Added Value Download Resource Center at www.jrosspub.com
  • About the Author(s)

    Robert K. Wysocki is a project management guru and a pioneer in business analysis, information systems management, and business process management with over 45 years of combined experienced within these fields. He has authored 25 books on project management and information systems management, including his major best-seller Effective Project Management: Traditional, Adaptive, Extreme, now in its 7th edition. His most recent book, Effective Complex Project Management: An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value, was published in 2014.

    Colin Bentley is a project management thought leader and the designer of the original PROMPTII/PRINCE Framework developed specifically for managing information technology projects and of PRINCE2, a more generic product management framework originally adopted for all UK government projects. Mr. Bentley authored all editions of the of PRINCE2 Manual, all Foundation and Practitioner exams for certification, and served as Chief Examiner until 2009. He still answers the “Ask an expert” questions on PRINCE2 for the APMG, an international professional certification organization.

    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    P2 and the ECPM Frameworks: Differences and Similarities
    P2 Lean Framework
    Managing a P2 Lean Project
    Setting Up a P2 Lean Project
    The Future of P2 Lean
    Why We Wrote This Book
    How This Book Is Organized
    How to Use This Book
    Who Should Use This Book
    A Note on Capitalization of Terms

    Chapter 2: Overview of the Effective Complex Project Management Framework
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    ECPM Process Flow Diagram
    The Recommended ECPM Framework Artifacts
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 3: PRINCE2 LEAN: Are You a Cook or a Chef?
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    The Complex Project Landscape
    A High-level Look at P2 and the ECPM Framework artifacts
    The ECPM Framework Artifacts
    P2 LEAN Framework
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 4: PRINCE2 LEAN: Project Planning
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    What is Product-Based Planning?
    The P2 LEAN Project Planning Hierarchy
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 5: Preparing the Business Case
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Starting Up a P2 LEAN Project: The Business Case
    Preparing the P2 LEAN Business Case
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 6: Creating the Project Product Description
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    P2 LEAN Project Product Description Process Flow

    Chapter 7: Preparing for the Initiation Stage
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Appoint the Project Brief Task Force
    Draft the Project Brief
    Create the P2 LEAN Initiation Stage Plan
    Authorizing the Set-up Phase
    Putting It All Together

    PART 3: PRINCE2 and the SET-UP PHASE
    Chapter 8: Selecting the Project Core Team
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    The P2 LEAN Project Team Template
    Select the P2 LEAN Project Team Process Flow
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 9: Designing the Project Approach
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    P2 LEAN Complex Project SET-UP Phase
    The P2 LEAN Project Team Template
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 10: Preparing the Project Initiation Documentation
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    The Project Initiation Documentation
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 11: Preparing for the Next Stage
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Update the Scope Bank
    Complete Bundled Change Management Process
    Create the Next Stage Plan
    Create the Team Plan
    Update the Project Initiation Documentation
    Authorize the Next Stage
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 12: Executing the Stage Plan
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Authorize Work Packages
    Execute Work Packages
    Review Stage Status
    Capture, Examine and Escalate Issues and Risks
    Take Corrective Action
    Accept Work Package Products
    Deliver the Work Package Products
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 13: Closing the Stage
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Closing a P2 Lean Stage
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 14: Closing the Project
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    ECPM Process Flow Diagram
    Co-managers Recommend Project Closure
    Authorize Project Closure
    Create the End of Project Plan
    Deploy the Accepted Solution
    Evaluate the Project
    Prepare End of Project Report
    Observations on the Next Version
    Celebrating Success
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 15: Organizational Infrastructure
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    What Is a P2 LEAN PSO?
    Establishing the PSO Mission
    PSO Objectives
    Hub & Spoke PSO Organizational Structure
    P2 LEAN PSO Support Services
    Staffing the EPSO and the Division level PSO
    Putting It All Together

    Chapter 16: Benefits of the PRINCE2 LEAN Framework
    Chapter Learning Objectives
    Origins of the P2 LEAN Framework
    P2 LEAN Benefits Gained from the P2 Framework
    P2 LEAN Benefits Gained from the ECPM Framework
    Putting It All Together




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