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Handbook of Integrated Risk Management for E-Business

Handbook of Integrated Risk Management for E-Business

Measuring, Modeling and Managing Risk
By Abderrahim Labbi
Hardcover, 6x9, 336 pages
ISBN: 1-932159-07-X
February 2005

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“This book provides a recipe for the practical application of technology and is one of the first instances where the tools and technologies that allow for the implementation of solutions to solve specific problems are actually outlined.”

Dr. Krishna Nathan, Vice President, IBM Research
About the Item
This ground-breaking book integrates converging views of e-business processes and offers ways to manage their inherent risks with advanced modeling techniques. Contributors from leading academic and business organizations explore state-of-the-art adaptive risk analysis systems that support business processes in project portfolio management, operations management, supply chain management, inventory control, data mining for customer relationship management, information technology security, finance, e-banking, and more.

Today’s new business environments are characterized by increasing sources of uncertainty and variability which challenge current decision-making processes. Handbook of Integrated Risk Management for E-Business: Measuring, Modeling, and Managing Risk provides a roadmap for identifying and mitigating the primary risks associated with each critical e-business process. It also shows you how to transform your processes by empowering your decision-making systems and how to design appropriate risk management systems for decision support.
Key Features
  • Presents an integrated view of the main e-business processes, the different challenges and opportunities underlying these processes, and how to manage them under uncertainty using predictive models
  • Discusses the value of effective decision support system tools for preemptive management and for gaining a competitive advantage
  • Supplies real-world case studies illustrating advanced predictive modeling methodologies and the latest technologies for managing the risks inherent in e-business processes
  • Provides a blueprint for identifying and mitigating the primary risks associated with each critical e-business process and shows how to design appropriate risk management systems for decision support
  • Explains how to use boosting to identify and prioritize risk
  • About the Editor
    Abdel Labbi is a research scientist at the IBM Research Laboratory in Zurich, Switzerland, where he specializes in quantifying and modeling e-business risk management. He has published more than 20 papers in international journals on this topic and is a regular speaker at industry events. Dr. Labbi has a Ph.D. from the University of Grenoble and has taught at the University of Geneva.
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 — Enterprise Risk Management: A Value Chain Perspective
    Chapter 2 — Integrated Risk Management
    Chapter 3 — Human Factor Issues in Computer and E-Business Security
    Chapter 4 — Managing Risks with Supply Chains: Using Adaptive Safety Stock Calculations for Improved Inventory Control
    Chapter 5 — Securing Your E-Business by Managing Inherent IT Security Risks
    Chapter 6 — A Predictive Model for E-Banks Operational Risk Management
    Chapter 7 — Predictive Data Mining for Project Portfolio Risk Management
    Chapter 8 — Elements of Financial Risk Management for Grid and Utility Computing
    Chapter 9 — Service Level Agreements for Web Hosting Systems
    Chapter 10 — Optimal Control of Web Hosting Systems Under Service Level Agreements
    Chapter 11 — Sequential Risk Management in E-Business by Reinforcement Learning
    Chapter 12 — Predicting and Optimizing Customer Behaviors
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