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Transportation Statistics

Transportation Statistics

Edited by Brian W. Sloboda
Hardcover, 6x9, 316 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60427-008-2
June 2009

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"This book provides a knowledgeable application of statistical and econometric methods to transportation data used in ongoing research. It gives priority to applied processes and describes how these methods can be successfully used and interpreted. It also provides awareness into the variety of data collection sources used in statistical analysis, interprets results, and analyzes the implication of those results. It is worth reading this book for a better understanding of transportation data analysis using statistical techniques that are specifically applicable to transportation."

Bhuiyan Monwar Alam and Mohammad Abdulkaleem, Journal of the Transportation Research Forum, Vol. 49, No. 3 (Fall 2010)
About the Item
In recent years, transportation systems have been judged on performance-based outcomes, thus, quantitative methods have become increasingly important to such assessments. Transportation Statistics brings together the work of outstanding experts on the latest methods and the applications of those methods to the many modes of transportation statistics at the international level. It details applications of the appropriate statistical methods and other quantitative methods such as operations research and performance measurement. You'll find examples and explications of the techniques used in transportation modeling such as travel demand, travel demand forecasting, freight analysis, the environment and much more. This one-of-a-kind, definitive technical reference will equip practitioners, policy-makers, and academic researchers with state-of-the-art statistical tools used in transportation modeling, how to interpret results and how to analyze the implications of those results.
Key Features
  • Presents up-to-date applications of statistical and econometric methods to transportation data rather than statistical theory
  • Offers transportation statistical applications that reflect current international research
  • Emphasizes applied processes and illustrates how these methods can be successfully used and interpreted
  • Provides insight into the variety of data collection sources used in statistical analysis
  • Draws on the many advances in statistical analysis of transportation data as a result of increasing computing power
  • About the Editor
    Brian W. Sloboda was a former economist at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics in the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the U.S. Department of Commerce. While at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, he did research in examining the relationship of transportation and the economy, productivity in the various modes of transportation; and tourism and transportation. Currently, he is a pricing economist at the US Postal Service. He is also teaching economics and statistics as an adjunct faculty for the University of Phoenix, University of Maryland, Park University, and the USDA Graduate School.
    Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Macroscopic Road Safety Modeling: A State Space Approach Applied to Three Belgium Regions
    Filip A. M. Van den Bossche, Koen Vanhoof, Geert Wets, and Tom Brijs

    Chapter 2: Traffic Safety Study: Empirical Bayes or Full Bayes
    Luis F. Miranda-Moreno and Liping Fu

    Chapter 3: Utilizing Data Warehouse to Develop Freeway Travel Time Reliability Stochastic Models
    Emam B. Emam and Haitham M. Al-Deek

    Chapter 4: Mixed Logit Modeling of Parking Type Choice Behavior
    Stephane Hess and John W. Polak

    Chapter 5: Modeling Daily Traffic Counts: Analyzing the Effects of Holidays
    Mario Cools, Elke Moons, and Geert Wets

    Chapter 6: Issues with Small Samples in Trip-Generation Estimation
    Paul Metaxatos

    Chapter 7: Recent Progress on Activity-Based Microsimulation Models of Travel Demand and Future Prospects
    Abolfazl Mohammadian, Joshua Auld and Sadayuki Yagi

    Chapter 8: Maximum Simulated Likelihood Estimation with Spatially Correlated Observations: A Comparison of Simulation Techniques
    Xiaokun Wang and Kara M. Kockelman

    Chapter 9: Analyzing the Impact of Land Transportation on Regional Tourism: The Case of the Closure of the Glion Tunnel in the Valais, Switzerland
    Miriam Scaglione

    Chapter 10: Quasi-Likelihood Generalized Linear Regression Analysis of Fatality Risk Data
    C. Craig Morris

    Chapter 11: Developing Statewide Weekend Travel Demand Forecast and Mode Choice Models for New Jersey
    Rongfang Liu and Yi Deng

    Chapter 12: Transferability of Time-of-Day Choice Modeling for Long-Distance Trips
    Xia Jin and Alan Horowitz

    Chapter 13: Univariate Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis of Statewide Travel Demand and Land Use Models for Indiana
    Li Jin and Jon D. Fricker

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